Briar Patch Research

You might have met me at Our Lady of Mercy, Saints John & Mary, Byram Hills, Coe, Vanderbilt, Iowa, Gilwell, Sacred Heart, GIA, or SCIP; or worked with me at Hawkeye, Pergament, Caldor, Waldenbooks, Alexander's, JCP, Avallon, MECA or Gartner. You might also have been a customer of mine at various carefully unnamed endeavors, or scouted with us at Washington Irving, Hawkeye, or Quinnipaic. Aside from that, I seem to stand on line a lot and talk to random strangers. 

My current business research focus is the development of Situational Awareness Management as a business philosophy.  Otherwise, I spend far too much time researching genealogy through both vital and genetic records, and learning metalcraft.  I am neither retired nor non-retired.


Professional Experience

I have researched, published and made various public presentations on

Emerging Issues:

  • Continuity of business operations through pandemics, civic bankruptcy and societal strife.

  • The rise and inexorable spread of neoFrontiers, "Abandoned Areas," the Distributed Nationstate, and eBanditry.

  • Demographics as destiny, including the the baby-boom to geezer-glut transition.

Competitive Intelligence Issues:

  • Situational Awareness Management.

  • Why hasn't anything changed in CompIntell since 1994?

  • Trend detection, scenario development, horizon scanning, situational awareness management and watchkeeping.
  • Leveraging CI methods into any knowledge-consuming activity. "Grey areas in research ethics" and Keeping Your Boss Out of Trouble.

Compliance Technology

  • Financial Services industry: Technology related impacts of The USA PATRIOT Act, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act, Americans with Disabilities Augmentation Act.

  • Non-regulatory compliance issues: Green IT, Corporate Social Responsibility, pricing, ethics management and stakeholder relationship management.

  • Bet-your-company issues such as financial crime management, including issues in money laundering, interdiction list management, security, privacy, risk identification. 

I am not going to dredge up past history here, though (or even provide links). You can

  • “Check my work" at, by googling "DeLotto" and "Gartner" together, or by reading my blog, "Circumspections"  You can still buy copies of my early work directly from Gartner, Inc.
  • Find my public resume, professional contacts on Linkedin.
  • Meet my friends-and-relations on my Facebook page, though you might not get all your fingers back. Please note that you were warned in advance.
  • Follow me on Twitter, where I used to Tweet as "delotto4gartner”, and now do so as "rickdelotto" whenever I remember to.

Finally, I have been known to respond to e-mail. Honest. For some reason, though, I still have an aversion to answering telephones.