Things to do when you have better things to do with your time...


It starting with the Mysterious Red-haired Woman wanting to take a course in Jewelry-making.  Of course I tagged along, she tends to turn up interesting stuff.  We spent a week or so at Metalwerx in Massachusetts, and excellent facility and a great instructor.  We have taken several courses at various local Art Centers, and Beadfest.  (Since resettling in the Old Folks' Homes we have taken classes at both the Pullen Arts Center and the Craft Studios at North Carolina State University.  Both are excellent.)


As always, our paths diverged-- she picked up beadcraft, and a few skills with hot, molten glass <shudder> and most recently, etching (all over my kitchen work area).  I got involved with cold-forging (set your bench on fire ONCE and they never let you forget it, I'm telling ya).  Ended up spending most of my time on copper, titanium, aluminum and sweet, sweet bronze.

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